LaTex: Modern CV

Some notes on the LaTex modern cv package:

A new section can be created using\section

A new entry can be generated using \cventry{year}{degree/job title}{institution/employer}{localization}{grade}{description}

Change the column width

I want to have the dates in the format month/year – month/year. To this end I wanted to change the width of the first column. Usefull links:

Final Solution: (from moderncv.cls, search command \cventry)



The last argument of the \cventry-command is typeset in \small Therefore one can use

\cvline{\small date}{subpoint}

to obtain the same as


just with another date in front.

Use SmallCaps

I have problems to use the \textsc- Command to format text in smallcaps

Useful Links

There is also a new package joining Koma-Script and moderncv:


Latex Modern CV, curriculum vitae, Resume,


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