LaTex – Typesetting help




Typesetting lists, tabulars, etc. with braces

Using the bigdelim-Paket

URLs and Emails

breaking URLs

emails: \newcommand{\mail}[1]{\href{mailto:#1}{\nolinkurl{#1}}}

Include figures,_Figures_and_Captions#Figures

Captions can be handled with the packet \usepackage{caption}

A change of


(AFTER \begin{document}) fixes this.

The Trim option

trim=l b r t

This option will crop the imported image by l from the left, b from the bottom, r from the right, and t from the top. Where l, b, r and t are lengths.


For the trim option to work, you must set clip=true.

Different size im Math mode

$\begin{aligned}u&=u(x,y)\\[-4pt] v&=v(x,y)\\[-4pt] v’&=v'(x,y,y’)\\[-4pt] &\ldots\end{aligned}$}}

Typesetting commutive diagrams using Tikz

Subfigures etc…

According to the link the subcaption or the floatrow package should be used to do this…

Hack to align the subfigures at the top and place the caption side by side:


Minipage alignment

To align minipages vertically one can use the [tbc] option. However, one also may need to add a \vspace{0pt} to the top of each minipage in order to see an effect

Minipage with fixed height


References in other documents

Producing alignment with hfill

Optional arguments

xparse package

Raisebox (2011-07-12)

To shift things vertically one can use the raisebox command

Text formating in Math Mode (2011-07-12)

In math-mode one should use

\mathrm instead of\textrm  and so forth...

QR-Codes (2011-08-10)

There is a blog entry here:

Basically the packet is used.

To use pdflatex see this link

solution is based on \usepackage{auto-pst-pdf,pst-barcode} and to compile one has to use

pdflatex -shell-escape <file>
Information can be encoded using the MECARD format 

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