Linux Tools



ctrl-a d


screen -r


list which process uses which file

System information (2011-06-26)

cat /proc/cpuinfo
cat /proc/meminfo

Libraries and Linux

The magic library:

Setting up bashrc for other paths

Installing to a different folder

At work I cannot install software to the ordinary folders, I have to use my home directory. One can do this during the configure process:

sh ./configure –prefix=/home/…

Get folder size (including subfolders)

du -sh folder

Install to homefolder

python install –prefix=/myhome

Search string in files (2011-07-12)

grep (-r for subfolders) "search string" files

Creating a bootable USB stick (2011-11-02)

The GUI-Tool unetbootin can be used:

Displaying packages which are not updated (2012-10-15)

sudo apt-get -u upgrade


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