Compiling Praat

I tried the newest version as of 2011-03-05 and it worked. I could compile it and even with ALSA sound it worked well. However, I was unable to record from my headset, but playing sound worked fine.


First Try

I had problems to run Praat on Ubuntu 10.10. I first tried to install it using

apt-get install praat

which resulted in version 5.1.29. I had problems with the sound. Using the hints at their homepage I manged to make the audio working (using aoss praat), however it was very unstable and playing sound forced praat to terminate.

So I decided to try the newest version from Following their instructions I had no problems compiling the source. First observation: The about-window can be closed and the appearance is much nicer!

However, I have problems which are more severe now. I cannot record from my microphone any more… So I decided to install oss-4.0

This is based on

sudo apt-get install oss4-base oss4-dkms oss4-gtk

However, my Logitech-Headset was not available any more after this, so I reversed it again

sudo apt-get remove oss4-base oss4-dkms oss4-gtk


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